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Who are we?

We are a group of people who care about kisan and krishi. Our team is composed of agricultural experts, engineers, social workers, experts of vedas and the farmers. Our company works together with NGOs and agricultural research institutes to establish sustainable agriculture.

Our Mission

We aim to rejuvenate the vedic science of agriculture and create a sustainable ways to feed the entire globe and make the farmers an agripreneur.

Our Company

ललिता दिव्यश्रम is the NGO working to reform agriculture. It is working for years in agriculture and social welfare. It serves our society in many ways.

These are three prime functionalities of this NGO which it has been doing silently to serve the society making the lives of people better.

ललिता कृषि विकास अनुसंधान केंद्र is the core where values, science, agriculture and vedic knowledge are combined to form a synergy capable of provide healthiest agri-products without harming the mother nature.

A lot is done here to bring fruits composed of harmony and taste free of any mankind chemicals which has worsen our lives.

This provides the foundation of our services for agriculture so as to spread sustainability and grow everything according to nature and not against IT.

Figure 1 this image is the representation of nature's way of krishi

कृषि-Veda uses a holistic approach combining Lalita Divyashram and Lalita Krishi Vikas Anusandhan Kendra contribution serve the world. We create business foundations necessary to make farming the best profession and kisan and agripreneur. We use science, economics and management to create services based on agriculture. Our products are crafted with hands full of happiness and harmony so that we deliver not only best health but happiness and blessings of mother earth to our consumers.

Moreover, we have devised ways for everyone to become a farmer and feel proud about it by serving the nation and the world. We are making farming simple so that lives of farmers will be better.