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Bee farming is a great way of promoting biodiversity. It is an integral part of our Integrated Farming. Bee farming is mostly done for honey as product and some by products such as royal jelly, wax etc. but it is one of the best way to promote natural farming. Bees help in increasing our agricultural produce by pollination. Bees are best friends of farmers. They take nothing from us and gives a lot without even asking. This is really a great component of farming which every farmer should adopt and follow the nature’s way of farming.

We started our bee farm to enhance our production in our vedic farms and to get Honey as a gift of nature. We have Italian bees which are best for starting bee farms. With time we learned a lot and applied our vedic methodologies in bee farming. With nature and ancient science we developed Integrated Bee Farming System(IBFS) which is unique in the world. We analysed this new farming style and results were astonishing. It helps in creating a mini ecosystem which gives you almost zero budget farming and production increases more than 30-40%. IBFS is a synergy of bee farming, crops production and vediic science.

We have developed scientific and strategic business models to help others grow more in sustainable manner. We share this knowledge with our fellow farmers in the form of agriculture service.

Our Bee Farming Service provides the following:

  • Technical knowledge about bee farming

  • Transformation Plan for fields towards vedic farms

  • Integration Plan for increasing production

  • Business Development and Marketing Strategies to promote Agripreneurship

“Grow like nature to feed every being on the planet”



Keeping bees at the large scale for commercial purpose as a business plan is increasing in this fast growing world. One can easily learn apiculture and can earn more money as profit with less effort. Bee rearing in a wooden box is also beneficial because it does not harm the bee eggs since it is protected by the wooden box. Honey can be easily taken out from the box by the beekeeper. Since proper care and a relation of the beekeeper with the bees are the main factors which affect the production of the honey. One can easily earn high amount of profit with low investment.

Best Method for Bee Farming

Use wooden box with Horizontal Frame hives for honey collection. In this method frames are mobile and can be reused which saves money and increases our profit.

Figure 1  Horizontal Bee Hive

Bee Colonies

A colony of bee is generally composed of three types of bees which are as follows:

  • A queen bee; usually, the only single fertile female of the colony.

  • Female workers bee; which are present in large number, generally around more than 30,000 in particular colony

  • Male drones; which are present in hundreds of number in the particular colony for the breeding purpose.

Figure 2 Queen Bee

Figure 3 Worker Female Bee

Figure 4 Drone Bee

Species of Bees

There are 5 important species of honey bees and they are listed below.

  • Indian hive bees

  • Little bees

  • Rock bees

  • Stingless bees

  • European bees or Italian bees

Production Boost due to Pollination

The bee pollination in bee farming business in beneficial to various type of crop in boosting the crop production. Here below is a list of some crop, of which, there is increasing in yield is observed.

Crop Production increased
Sunflower about 45 %
Alfalfa about 20 %
Mustard about 45 %
Cotton more than 25 %
Onion about 90 %

We have created time tested operation manuals, business growth promoter for bee farmers. We are always eager to share our knowledge and experience with everyone. Try our service for bee farming and see the nature’s magic which makes you so rich.