ललिता गौपुरम्

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Dairy Planning and Engineering

  • Site selection and inspection

  • Business requirement and analysis

  • Business Model Selection

  • Road map development for the selected business model

  • Breed and species selection for the cows and buffaloes

  • Procurement plan for the cattle

  • Fodder management plan

  • Construction plan and development

  • Feed planning

  • Waste management

  • Lactation cycle planning

  • Products development and marketing

  • Growth and profit analysis

Dairy Consultancy

  • Best breed and species selection based on market and geolocation

  • Business Model Development

  • Brand and Product Development

  • Fodder Management

  • Waste Management and Bio Products

  • Lactation Management

Grow with our Franchising Model

  • Complete setup and planning

  • Product development and marketing

  • Brand development

  • Pan-India Market

  • Digital Marketing

  • Best Practices and decades of experience

  • 24*7 helpline regarding operation and dairy management

  • Detailed Operation Manual

Our Farm

Our farm is designed using Vedic Agriculture Technology and has all the components of agriculture. Dairy is one of them and we have some of the finest breeds of our country which includes Gir, Tharparkar, Sahiwal, Rathi, and many more. Among buffaloes we have Murrah, Nili Ravi, etc.

We have developed sustainable ways of dairy management based on scientific and vedic concepts which makes dairy a noble and profitable business. Besides, we have a wide range of fodder developed with collaboration of Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute. We have years of experience in Integrated Farming and dairy is one of the crucial component of it and to share this knowledge and experience we have designed Agriculture services and Dairy Consultancy is one of them. We have team of agri-experts, veterinary experts and engineers to make the process scientific and vedic experts to make it sustainable. Together we create sustainable and profitable business model for dairy management.