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Krishi is the oldest noble profession of mankind. Mother earth help us grow enough to feed the ever-growing population. Unfortunately, over many decades we have been exploiting the nature and now we need to find sustainable solutions for agriculture so that we can maintain balance in nature.

Vedic krishi (farming) is the answer to all modern agricultural problems. We at KrishiVeda have devised agricultural solution for the farmers around the globe by creating a synergy of Vedic science and agricultural knowledge. We developed a scientific model of farming which gives better produce completely organic and maintain the balance in nature.

Some of the salient features of our Vedic Krishi are:

  • It’s a perfect conglomeration of Veda and Agriculture.

  • Gives nature friendly architecture to fields for farming.

  • Multi-cropping gives best of season.

  • Use of Gobar (cow dung), Panchagavya, Green manure, etc. make field healthy and free from all chemicals.

  • It provides preventive measures for draught, diseases and other problems faced by farmers in the fields.

  • Natural way of seed treatment saving us from harmful and poisonous chemicals.

  • Increases the yield by combining multi-layer and multi-cropping farming styles.

  • Provide mantras for agriculture process which provides positivity to plants and farmers resulting in most healthy fruits/crops.

Holistic Approach

Veda provide holistic thinking and nature integrates everything in perfect manner. Learning from both we adopted Integrated Farming System and applied our Vedic Krishi Model which resulted in Integrated Vedic Farming System.

Overview of Integrated Vedic Krishi:

  • Use knowledge from science and nature to grow food for the society and world and create income for every farmer trying to make him/her an Agripreneur one day.

  • Create perfect cyclic combination of all 12 components of Krishi.

  • Provide a self-sustainable ecosystem to society and a platform of growth to farmers.

  • Create organic products for the market making the farmers’ life better.

All this gives a 360° Krishi Management.

Our Service

Every farmer or entrepreneur can avail our service for growing food in nature’s way. Our experts will provide their valuable experience and Integrated Vedic Krishi Model to enhance the production in sustainable manner.

In this service we provide the following:

  • Soil and Field Analysis.

  • Crop selection model based on market and analysis report.

  • Field design architecture as per vedic science to prevent catastrophic situations.

  • Seeds and saplings for crops and fruits.

  • Ayurvedic solutions for plant diseases.

  • Ways of preparing manure.

  • Marketing and buyback options based on crops.

  • Business Model for your business.

Join us to enhance your production in a sustainable manner.